About us:


The Architecture and Pattern is a professional pattern designer group for architectural and decoration material products.

This Company production is decorative tile, ceramic and mosaic and decorative architectural elements.

We have the reputation experiment in the tile and mosaic designing and producing in the name of Mousavizade tile factory and Paradise tile Co. Mousavizade family is most famous traditional tile and mosaic producer in Iran We continue this two hundred years family industry in traditional architecture, execution so many project around the world.

 We offer this experience and the professional architecture knowledge and pattern designing skills all in one, for our customers. 



Masoud Mousavizade is the head of the Architecture and Pattern. He is the professional architect, ceramic maker and geometrical and arabesque pattern designer; also he paints the traditional painting on the tile and make the decorative relief ceramic, as well.

He believed the pattern design for adornment of the architecture works has to follows the geometry of the architecture forms.

This is the idea for his professional study and activity in pattern and architecture in the last years. He experiment the pattern design, architecture design and execution to develop his skills to create the professional patterns for architecture.

We design and produce a range of decoration and architecture material as the sample: decoration tile, Mosaic tile, mosaic stone, porcelain tile, relief ceramic, traditional decorative mirror works.  

We are in cooperation and consultation with the architect usually, to offer them suitable pattern and adornment for their architecture and interior design project. We arrange a system to design these order made and hand made products and unique art works base on the architect's idea.


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